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Private Limited Company In delhi ncr


A "company means a company incorporated under the companies Act, 2013 (the Act) or under any of the previous company law" therefore a company is an association of person consists of both natural and artificial under the existing law of a country. A company is a "legal person" or "legal entity" seperated and distinct from its members.

Legal Chalo Registration Packages

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  • Rs. 7,999/-

  • Digital Signature for 2 Directors

  • DIN for 2 Directors

  • Name Approval


  • ROC Registration Certificate

  • Comapny PAN

  • Company TAN

  • private-limited-company


  • Rs. 6,999/-

  • Digital Signature for 2 Partners

  • DPIN for 2 Directors

  • Name Approval

  • LLP Agreement

  • ROC Registration Certificate

  • Comapny PAN

  • Company TAN

  • llp


  • Rs. 6,999/-

  • Digital Signature for 1 Director

  • DIN for 1 Directors

  • Name Approval


  • ROC Registration Certificate

  • Comapny PAN

  • Company TAN

  • opc


  • Rs. 29,999/-

  • Digital Signature for 3 Directors

  • DIN for 3 Directors

  • Name Approval


  • ROC Registration Certificate

  • Comapny PAN

  • Company TAN

  • public-limited-company

Limited Company


  • Make Dsc Of Directores
  • Din Of Directors
  • Name Availability
  • Drafting Of MOA & AOA
  • Filing of Relevant e-form with ROC
  • Payment of ROC Fees & Stamp duty
  • Verification Of Document with ROC
  • Issue of Certificate of Incorporation With ROC


  • Corporate Identity
  • Limited Liability
  • Business will set up in more organized manner
  • Easily take loans form bank
  • More clients
  • More Growth & Development
  • Efficients and Effectiveness will increase
  • Better Managemnt Practices will follow

Documents Required for Registration

1).   ID's and Address Proof of all Directors (PAN Mandatory)

2).   Address proof of Registered office Address (Rent Ag.)

3).   A4 Size Photograph of all Directors

4).   Other Affidavits and Documents

Following points should be kept in mind while incorporating a private limited company.

1).   Lawful purpose of the members.

2).   Promoters – at least seven in a public company, at least two a private company and one a one person company;

3).   Promoters must subscribe their names to the memorandum of association of the company;

4).   Promoters must comply with the requirements of the Companies Act, 2013 in respect of registration of the company.

5).   The minimum paid-up capital can be rupees one lacs in case of a private company.

A company may be formed for any lawful purpose which required –

1).   Seven or more persons, to incorporate a public limited company.

2).   Two or more persons, to incorporated a private limited company; or

3).   One person, to incorporated a One Person Company that is to say, a private company, by subscribing their names to a memorandum and complying with the requirements of this Act in respect of registration.

Procedure for incorporation of Private Limited Company

1).   ID's and Address Proof of all Directors (PAN Mandatory)

Director required to make a digital signature certificate for signing the e-form as the forms filed by the director are required to be digitally signed and for making the digital signature of director we need to apply to the licenced certifying Authority as the DSC should be secure and for making the DSC we need to give one ID and and one address proof of each the director required to make the digital signature certificate (DSC). you can also take the help of our portal i.e. Legal Chalo.

2).   Obtain Director Identification number (DIN).

The director should need to file e-form DIR-3 for obtaining the Director identification number (DIN). however you can also obtain DIN number with the help of Legal Chalo.

3).   Check the name availability of the proposed company.

Legal Chalo can also provide you the facility for proposing the maximum six names. The application is required to be made in INC-1 using Digital Signature Certificate.

Following documents have to be submitted with INC-1

a).   Copy of Board Resolution for incorporating a private limited or public limited company as the case may be.

b).   Other document as per the specific requirement. (depend from case to case). The name which is available to the applicant is reserved for the 60 days from the date of approval. if the applicant not used the proposed name within the 60 days the name will elapased

4).   Drafting and printing of Memorandum and Article of Association of the company.

After ascertaining the name of the company the company need to draft the memorandum of association and article of association of the proposed company and printed.

The memorandum and articles of association of the company is as per the confirmitty of the companies act.

5).   Stamping and signing of memorandum and article.

The memorandum and article should be printed and signed by the subscriber however there is a facility of online stamping.

6).   Dating of Memorandum and article of association of the company

After stamping and signing the company need to dated its article and memorandum of association the date should not be prior to the date of stamping.

7).   Filing of documents and forms with the registrar of company.

a)   MOA and AOA duly signed by all subscribers.

b)   A declaration by - company secretary and a person name in the director that all the requirement of the companies act have been complied.

c)   An affidavit from each subscriber.

d)   Registered office address

e)   Identity Proof along with particulars of each subscriber.

f)   Identity Proof along with particulars of first directors.

Following Documents are required with these forms.

1)   Memorandum of Association (MOA)

2)   Article of Association

3)   Declaration in form INC-8

4)   Affidavit in form INC-9

5)   Proof of residential Address

6)   Proof of Identity

7)   NOC

8)   Proof of nationality(in case the subscriber is foreigner

9)   Pan Card

10)   Copy of Certificate of Incorporation of a foreign body corporate and registered office address.

11)   Copy of resolution for authorising to subscribe the memorandum of association .

    After submitting all the form along with the necessary document Registrar of company (ROC) will check the document and then issue a certificate of Incorporation.

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Company Registration Our offices are in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad and we provide services all over India.

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