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Partnership firm

Partnership Firm means a firm of partners when two or more partners joins together to start a the business then it will be covered under partnership firm.

Why we start Partnership? Question Arise always…….

The simple answer of this Question is sometimes it is not practically possible for us to start and manage the business individually we need a partner for starting a business successfully sometime we need a partner for contributing the capital of the business however some time we need a partner for managing the business therefore whenever we need some person for doing the business it will be start in the form of partnership firm.

Whether it is mandatory to register a partnership firm?

No, it is not mandatory to register a partnership firm. We can make a partnership deed which includes all the bye laws

Documents required for the formation of partnership:

At least 2 partners required

No Minimum Capital Requirement

Following Information Needed:

Proposed Partnership firm Name

Principal Place of Business

Documents Required:

. Copy of PAN Card of all the partners

. Copy of Address proof of all the partners (Aadhaar Card, Passport, DL, Voter Id Card)

. Rental Agreement of the partnership firm & Electricity Bill

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